Utility owned for 28 years, American Water Homeowner Services provides value added home warranty programs within the utility sector.  Our programs are designed to improve customer satisfaction while generating on-going revenue for the life of our partnerships.

With over 2.9M warranty plans currently in place, we protect homeowners, and their budgets, from the high cost of home repairs.  We offer homeowners the convenience of around the clock access to our live agents, who in turn, dispatch highly vetted, local and licensed Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC technicians when unexpected home repairs occur.  We average over 548 repairs per day, boast a 97% paid claim rate, have an A+ Better Business rating and hold (8) JD Power call center certifications.  

Serving over 30 utilities and municipalities, our programs generate millions of dollars in ongoing revenue while providing “value added” services to their residential customers.  

Through the acquisition of Pivotal Home Solutions, we provide a full suite of Gas, Electric, Water, HVAC, Home Electronics and Leasing solutions.


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