AGENT511 consults, analyzes, and designs best-in-class communication programs. Platforms are integrated and customized to meet clients’ needs and projects are expertly delivered on time, on budget, and with recurring services provided from our local support center.

Customer satisfaction matters. Provide utility customers with self-service access to outage reporting and notification and peak demand. REACH is a Utility Preference Manager that orchestrates customer subscriptions, applications, and communication channels across the utility.  It offers two-way text, email, voice, and social messages for power outages, billing and payment, demand and utilization, appointment reminders, marketing, and can be extended to include employee service dispatch.  REACH is an integrated, high-availability platform that breaks down application and business silos by unifying customer information, communication services, and messaging analytics. With the addition of the AGENT511 TCPA Opt-In Management solution ENFORCE, unintended communication messages will be blocked from reaching customers by aggregating do not call, opt-out, blocked number, and number portability for text, voice, and email communications.

Unlike its competitors, AGENT511 delivers its products soup-to-nuts, including integration services, hosting and support, technology platforms, and communication services. Its software platform was built from the ground-up and includes sophisticated rule sets, communication preferences, and two-way interactivity. AGENT 511 is highly experienced providing high-availability, superior user experience, and integrated workflows.