The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a carbon-free world by 2050. We are one of many entities globally required to make this vision a reality. Our mission is to facilitate the electric power industry’s smart transition to a clean and modern energy future through education, research, standards, and collaboration. 

Since 1992, we have led electric stakeholders to solutions and strategies for their unique clean and modern energy challenges. This is why we’ve provided four pathways with the tools and resources you need to move forward. 

  • Utility Business Models - Long-term goal: Utilities have sustainable business models that facilitate and support a carbon-free energy future.
  • Regulatory Innovation - Long-term goal: State regulatory processes enable timely and effective deployment of technologies, partnerships and business models that reduce carbon emissions.
  • Grid Integration - Long-term goal: Carbon-free energy is easily integrated with positive impact to affordability, safety, security, reliability, resiliency and customer satisfaction. 
  • Transportation Electrification - Long-term goal: The nation’s fleet of vehicles is powered by carbon-free electricity.

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Spencer Schecht
Manager, Member Experience