We are a distributor of a family of "Intelligent Motor Controllers" with Variable Voltage Drive (VVD) capabilities for three phase alternating current fixed speed motors.

Our Intelligent Motor Controllers reduce electricity for commercial & industrial power company summer demand needs and will reduce DR (Demand Response) costs. 

These "Intelligent Motor Controllers" Provide electricity usage reductions and Soft-start with significant start-up spike reductions. Reduced electricity usage provides extended motor life and KVAR, Power Factor, corrections for the power company grid. 

The Motor Controllers being introduced here are Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in the Energy Efficiency category and in front of the meter, part of the area substation grid..

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems will see 25% electricity usage.

Please see McDonalds application brief.

Our motor controllers will contribute to significant reductions of U.S. power company summer demand needs. As summer Demand Response (DR) provided temporary summer demand relief, our motor controllers provide Demand Management (DM), permanent reductions for each air conditioning and or refrigeration system motor controller installation.

This means, whenever there is an hour of demand reduction needed, reductions will be provided from each air conditioning and refrigeration system with a motor controller installed.

A majority of power company summer demand issues result from the increase three phase air conditioning and refrigeration usage. These systems a can be used with the motor controllers.

At the "Area Substation", there are now compelling reasons for power companies to inventory three phase air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This inventory will enable a determination of expected summer demand levels.

Our motor controllers provide smart grid capabilities: reduced electricity usage, reduced start-up spikes and power factor corrections. There are communications capabilities that would enable motor controller operations to be monitored at facilities and locations determined by the local power company.