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Reconstruction Project of Network Security Situation Awareness System of Wind Farm Electric Power Monitoring System

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Address : Tenderer: Yudean Group Guizhou Co., Ltd. Address: 22nd Floor, Block B2, Yinglong CBD Center, Chengxin South Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province Contact: Li Bin Contact number: +86-851-88638723 Mobile phone: +86-18858185025 Name: Guoyi Tendering Co., Ltd. (website: Address: 16th Floor, No. 726, Dongfeng East Road, Guangzhou (Postcode: 510080) Contact: Cao Xiaoyu (15992497899), Sheng Zuqiang (13902282458) Tel: (+86-20) 37680635, 37806622 Fax: (+86-20)

Country : China

Location : China

Tender_No : 0724-1900C12N4711

Dead line : 2019-10-18

Local International : International

Funding Agency : No

Description : Tenders are invited for Reconstruction Project of Network Security Situation Awareness System of Wind Farm Electric Power Monitoring System of Yudean Group Guizhou Co., Ltd. Tender scope: A network security situational awareness system is added to the power monitoring system of Dabiaoshan, Xianrenshan and Dadingshan wind farms. The specific scope is subject to the technical specification of the bidding documents. Construction period of the project: The construction period of the project is 30 days. The specific starting time is subject to the notice of the bidding party. If the project cannot be started due to special reasons or the construction period is delayed, the bidder shall submit an application to the bidding party and obtain the consent of the bidding party. 8. Bidding method: open tendering Interested bidders need to complete the relevant procedures as follows: National e platform: (1) Guoyi Tendering Co., Ltd., as one of the first pilot units of the national electronic bidding and bidding trading platform, this project is carried out in the national e-bidding procurement platform (hereinafter referred to as “National e Platform”, website: Full process electronic bidding: For inquiries regarding the operation of the national e platform, please contact (Guoyi Tendering E-commerce Promotion Department 020-37860669/37860665 ). Guoyi electronic bidding procurement platform registration (operation process read this announcement "16, annex (※ Guoyi electronic bidding procurement platform registration instructions)"); 2 Bidding registration : Before the registration deadline, upload the application documents at on the bidding platform of Yuguo e, and prepare the application materials according to “9. Eligibility Requirements for Qualified Bidders” after the announcement. Upload the above registration information to the national e platform, and send a text message to notify the bidding agent contact (Cao Xiaoyu 15992497899). The text message contains the name of the bidding unit and the name of the project to be invested. Reminder: Please be sure to confirm the successful registration of the registration data (you can try to download and open after reading.) After the SMS notification, please wait patiently for the bidding agent notification, no need to call or consult the progress. For the registration deadline and related explanations, please refer to “11. Bidding Registration” in this announcement. 3 After the registration information is uploaded, it will be displayed as “to be confirmed” at this time, and the bidding documents can be purchased after waiting for confirmation and notification by the bidding agent; 4 Purchase of bidding documents : Bidders can log in to the system after the registration and approval of the national e platform, and purchase the bidding documents of this project through online payment. The specific steps are as follows: (a) After the login, select “Bid Management” - “Buy Document Purchase”, select The corresponding project generates an order; (b) completes the purchase procedure by selecting an online payment method. 5 Apply for CA certificate: After completing the purchase of the bidding documents, you need to complete the certificate of ca. For details, please refer to the “Bidder Registration and Registration Operation Manual” in the User Guide of National e Platform. 6 In order to successfully realize the online bid opening, each bidder shall complete the bid confirmation, bid file upload and bidding on the Guoyi e-tender procurement platform (referred to as “Guo e Platform”, website: before the deadline for submission of bids. After the deadline is reached, complete the file decryption and other operations as required. For inquiries regarding operational inquiries, please contact (Guoyi Tendering E-Commerce Promotion Department 020-37860669/37860665 ). (2) Since the project is a trial online bidding, after the deadline for submission of bids, if there is a possibility that all bidders who have submitted the written bid documents on time may not be able to successfully complete the online bid opening (for example, the bidder fails to complete the electronic certification in time) , electronic file upload, decryption, or equipment or network failure, etc., Guoyi Tendering Co., Ltd. has the right to decide at any time to convert to offline bidding (that is, manually unpacking written bidding documents and singers). (3) The bidder shall still provide the original and copy of the sufficient number of paper bid documents in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, and seal the delivery to the bid opening location before the bid deadline, otherwise the bid will be rejected. If the content of the same information or data generated by the online bid opening is inconsistent with the written documents submitted offline, the contents of the offline paper documents shall prevail. The electronic media bidding documents submitted by the bidders on the same line have the same legal effect as the paper bidding documents. When the electronic media bidding documents are inconsistent with the paper bidding documents, the paper bidding documents shall prevail. 9. Qualification requirements for qualified bidders: 9.1 basic requirements (1) The bidder shall be an enterprise legal person within the territory of the People's Republic of China who responds to the bidding and participates in the bidding competition, and has the power to independently conclude the contract; (2) The bidder shall provide the network test report of the situation monitoring device of the South Network; (3) The original manufacturer (manufacturer) of the bidding product shall have experience in research and development of commercial password products, and provide at least one commercial password product model certificate (the name of the manufacturer of the certificate is the same as the name of the manufacturer of the above-mentioned test sample); (4) The bidder is not in the state of being taken over, frozen or bankrupt by the court or the bank (provided by the court or the bank, and a copy and original are provided at the time of registration); (5) The bidder is not in the penalty period for the cancellation of the bidding qualification by the construction administrative department; (6) The bidder shall: a has not had any affiliation with the tendering agency of the project; b has not participated in the preparation of technical specifications and bidding documents for this project; c is not the unit that undertakes the consulting and reviewing business of this project or its affiliates. (7) This project does not allow subcontracting and does not accept consortium bidding. (8) Only one bidder of the same parent company may participate in the bidding, otherwise the bids of all participating units of the parent company will be rejected. (9) The bidder has not been included in the list of serious illegal and untrustworthy enterprises in the national enterprise credit information publicity system by the industrial and commercial administration. (10) The bidder is not listed by the Supreme People's Court on the “Credit China” website ( or the credit information sharing platform at all levels. (11) From January 1st, 2016 to present, bidders with credit rating D or who are still in the administrative penalty period due to bidding activities may not participate in the bidding of this project. (12) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations. 9.2 Performance requirements no. 10. The tender documents are sold by the tendering agency. (1) The price of the bidding documents: 500 yuan, see the relevant information of the project on the national e platform; (2) Time for the issuance of bidding documents: From 9:00 on October 12, 2019 to 16:00 on October 18, 2019 , see the relevant information of this project on the national e platform; (3) Purchase method of bidding documents: For details, please refer to the above “ Guidelines for the purchase of bidding documents for the National e Platform 4 ”; (4) All bidders who meet the qualification requirements for registration are the official bidders of the project. (5) Deadline: 20 19 Nian 11 Yue 5 Ri 9:30 (Beijing) (6) Place of submission of bid documents: Meeting Room, 22nd Floor, Block B2, Yinglong CBD Center, Chengxin South Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province (subject to change, otherwise notice) 11. Bidding registration: (1) For details of the submission method of the registration materials, please refer to the above description of “ Country e Platform 2 Bidding Registration ”; (2) registration information to receive time for the 2019 Nian 10 Yue 12 Ri 9:00 until 2019 Nian 10 Yue 16:00 18 only . (3) The bidder must complete the above registration data upload within the registration time. After checking the registration information, the bidding agency will notify the bidders who meet the requirements to pay the bidding documents and download the bidding documents. Purchase a tender. (4) The bidder is requested to carefully read the tender notice, check it by himself and confirm that the uploaded registration materials meet the bidding announcement “ 9. Eligibility Requirements for Qualified Bidders ” and pass the registration verification once. If the bidding documents submitted by the bidder are missing, it will not meet the bidding announcement “ 9. Eligibility requirements for qualified bidders ”, and the consequences will be borne by the bidder. There is no clarification or supplementary information link in this project unless necessary. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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