Member since: 2019

Yezin Taha is the founder and CEO of Nevados Engineering. Nevados provides a Single Axis Tracker (SAT) solution for the solar industry that makes tracker installation on sloped and rolling terrain as easy as on flat and graded land. This solution is called the Nevados All Terrain Tracker (ATT). Yezin founded Nevados to enable installation of solar power plants in less time, at lower costs, and in more locations.

The solar industry initially developed around flat land installations. Because of this, software tools and structural equipment necessary to install on non-flat land were not developed. Nevados is committed to breaking the flat land paradigm for SATs and has developed the tools to do so. Nevados can help developers and contractors eliminate the need for grading to reduce costs of constructing solar power plants. This opens up opportunities for better located projects for interconnection, and reduces the negative environmental impact of installing a solar power plant.

Prior to founding Nevados, Yezin consulted at Black & Veatch performing bankability studies and construction monitoring for single axis tracker solar power plants. It was through that work that Yezin realized the need for an ATT in the industry, and created Nevados to bridge that gap.