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I am aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth! As a polymathy renewable energy senior researcher, my R&D domain is transdisciplinary & dynamically changing. Currently there are at least 2 patent-pending inventions waiting for commercialization or pilot project. 1. Enabler to let farmers join energy commodity producers via growing Liquid Nitrogen LN. Production line: growing energy grass -> burning it in my proprietary heat engine, which consumes LN as heat sink -> shafting Linde liquefaction machine -> producing LN -> feedbacking 70% LN production to the LN consuming heat engine for rolling-up production -> remaining LN for sale. If co-shaft a genset coupled to the said biomass combustion heat engine, and feedback 100% LN from liquefaction side, then a farmer can become electricity supplier. My proprietary LN-heat-sunk heat engine, improved liquefaction method, plus my commercial secret with special optical design, are keys to success. The future gasoline/diesel/heating oil + LN ( + optional traction battery) hybrid car can reach fuel economy > 100 MPG. 2. Wei-Trump Powertrain, i.e. Automatic Gearless Digitostat Fluid Power Continuously Variable Regenerative Transmission Features: High efficient & wide adjustable switched-mode hydraulic oil circuit with extreme broad ratio of torque & rev speed; Embedded cheap hydraulic energy storage & recovery for regenerative brake; Flexible deployment on chassis; Performance superior than any hybrid powertrain. Even the transmission alone can be adopted in many other domains, especially it is the common gateway to commercialize all non-electrochemical energy storage utilities, e.g. flywheel, compressed air, pressure retarded osmosis, etc. Details=> 3. Big pseudo wetland based solar-osmosis tandem power station with multiple benefits Smart retardation for extracting osmotic power is provided by my proprietary Wei-Trump powertrain. In principle, solar energy is "smuggled" into concentrated subsaturated saltwater, simultaneously water is distilled in tropic zones or iced in cold zones, then new transformed kinetic energy is arrested i.e. recovered by pressure retarded forward osmosis process. Details=> Now seek seeding investor, also one engineer with strong STEM background as a co-founder.