Member since: 2022

Powerful and persuasive attorney specializing in the intersection of environment and economics – people, profits, and planet. Promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and profitability, supporting employers in conserving resources (from energy to water to dollars) and improve efficiency. Possess a genuine interest in corporate governance, professionalism, high energy, and flexibility to adapt to often dynamic priorities. Anticipate business needs and legal developments and advise business management on the legal implications of activity and transactions. Significant and substantive experience in renewable energy and/or infrastructure project development, project finance, and/or M&A for energy projects and businesses. Spearhead energy solutions as Chairperson of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association’s Long Lateral Committee – Recognized as the 2017 OKOGA member of the year for leading efforts to negotiate, author and lobby for passage of the 2017 OKOGA, the first time in the 100-year history of the organization that a member was honored with such an award.  Oil / Gas Agreements  Legal Regulatory Compliance  Contractual Agreements  Consultative Communications  Commercial Contract Strategies  Litigation and Arbitration Management  Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions  Organizational Effectiveness