Member since: 2019

Strong focus on integrating comprehensive sustainability and energy strategies has become my hallmark. As my 20+ year career in the commercial real estate ownership and services industry has evolved into economic development and energy planning, I succeed in establishing integrated alternative energy and distributive microgrid development into the overall approach to real estate and economic development.

I have focused my career on providing strong business development and organizational leadership in growth situations (both for aggressive startup firms and within departments of larger organizations) that are focused on growing service product offerings and in developing community.

My overriding purpose is to achieve and help others to achieve a better business plan and balance between economic goals, building strong workplaces of the future, and in making our communities healthier to live in.

Specialties: Strategic real estate, energy and business planning and implementation; instituting organizational change; and designing and achieving progressive energy efficiency, microgrid management and alternative energy and storage deployment.