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Vince was born in Idaho and raised in Pocatello graduating from Highland High school. Shortly after graduating from High School, Vince started his career in the US Nuclear Navy serving as a prototype instructor and as a nuclear electrician aboard the USS Phoenix, a nuclear submarine. He left the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer qualifying as an Engineering Watch Supervisor aboard the submarine. Following his Navy experience, he has worked at the Idaho National Laboratory at numerous locations and a variety of positions with the most significant positions including Nuclear Facility Manger of the Specific Manufacturing Capability (Abrams tank armor), Hot Fuel Examination Facility (post irradiation examination of nuclear fuel), Fuel Conditioning Facility (reprocess spent nuclear fuel), and Transient Reactor Test Facility (qualify fuel for Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing). Additionally he qualified as a Senior Reactor Operator and Shift Supervisor at the Advanced Test Reactor. He has managed people since he was 15 years old starting as a construction foreman.