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Умножитель электроэнергии на базе MGA (Молекулярный генератор Андруса).


Мы ищем инвестиции до 70 миллионов долларов США.

Минимальный депозит - один миллион долларов США. Это стоимость доли в размере 0,377% от капитала нашей компании BSA llc.



             Создан новый источник электричества - Молекулярный генератор Андруса (МГА). В MGA нет движущихся частей. При выработке электричества используются гравитационные токи Земли.

            Чтобы получить работу MGA, мы создали умножитель электроэнергии на основе MGA. Мы записали видео. В начале ролика написаны пояснения. На видео работа умножителя мощности на основе MGA. На умножитель поступает 220 вольт от электрической сети, от умножителя идет 265-270 вольт. В первых опытах на умножителе выходило 800 вольт. Некачественные материалы приводят к порче.

            Our theoretical justification for the possibility of generating electricity using the Earth's gravitational currents has been fully confirmed. It does not apply electrical circuits to increase power. Following these results, we manufacture the Andrus Molecular Generator. This is a small device. For humans it is harmless. There are no moving parts in the device. This is a replacement for solar panels, wind generators, electricity storage.        This is an autonomous source of electricity for gadgets, for home, for electric vehicles. Now we need help - investment. The term is three years. Then - return on investment and payment of part of the profit to the investor.

            The investor’s profit after the sale of MGA technologies is 5.57 times more than the size of the investment.

             Прошу вас ознакомиться с видео «Умножитель электрической мощности на базе MGA (Andrus Molecular Generator)» . Включите английские субтитры. Авторский комментарий к видео «Мультиэнергетическая электроэнергетика на базе МГА (Молекулярный генератор Андрус)» (для специалистов) -

            From the video it can be seen that the Electric power multiplier with an area of ​​240 cm2 in comparison with a solar cell of a solar panel of the same area surpasses the latter by 23 times in power and this figure can increase, while the Multiplier works  around the clock and year-round.

            At the same time, the Multiplier does not require repair, maintenance and related infrastructure such as gas stations.

            Умножитель - это упрощенная цилиндрическая версия MGA с внешним электрическим возбуждением его материалов (см. Рис. 2 ). Базовый плоский MGA (см. Рисунок 1 ) с самовозбуждающимися материалами не имеет электронных схем и может вырабатывать постоянный ток с заданным напряжением в течение 10 и более лет.


            "The molecular generator of Andrus - MGA" (Business Plan MGA 2018 - - this is the source  power supply that does not require recharging:

            - MGA-3W, 5V for powering gadgets without recharging;

            - MGA-20kW, 230 V for power supply of apartments and private houses;

            - MGA-150kW, 400 V as power sources for electric vehicles and other vehicles.


            The implementation of MGA and Multiplier projects takes about three years and then immediately follows the sale of commercial samples and technologies to Ilona Mask and others at a public auction at the price of three lots from 1,500,000,000 US dollars.

            The share of the investor on this project is 26% - this is from 390 million dollars.

 The profit compared to the investment will increase in: $ 390,000,000: $ 70,000,000 = 5.57 times.


            The purpose of our video is to show that the declared Multiplier parameters - input (Uin = 220V) and output (Uout = 265 ÷ 270 V, Iout = 0.29A) - really take place, the MGA project is a worker, and the authors fully own the issues  implementation.

            MGA has rather complicated methods for controlling input materials, as well as all stages of its production at the molecular level, since  Electricity is produced by materials without any additions.  This is similar to the use of finger batteries, only for 10 years or more.

            The multiplier has a more coarse and simplified packing materials MGA, but also an additional external source of excitation materials (external electrical network).  It is much cheaper than MGA.

            When using our Multiplier as an autonomous power source, it will be necessary to replace the external city electric network with two small batteries with electronic circuitry, and it will also work around the clock and year-round, but it is not suitable for gadgets because of the complex circuitry with batteries and is mainly suitable for  use in apartments and private homes.  Thus, for flat cars and gadgets, only a flat MGA is suitable.

            A cheaper option is possible - a hybrid device for obtaining significant power.  A low-power MGA plus multiplier cells is used as the external source.

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 Sincerely, V. Andrus, Scientific Director.

 BSA llc., Ukraine.