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Val is a specialist in the energy industry field with over 40 years of experience. As Senior Vice President for strategy and policy at Exelon Utilities, he oversaw technology and business strategy, supported policy, and coordinated strategy development for Exelon’s operating utilities. As Senior Vice President for customer operations at Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), Val managed the development and delivery of customer-facing products and services, including the company’s $250 million annual portfolio of demand response and energy efficiency programs. As Senior Vice President, Val helped grow our commercial energy business. While heading up our San Francisco office, he designed and managed energy efficiency programs for numerous utilities, including ComEd, WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service, Nevada Power, Ameren, and PG&E. Val previously served on boards of The Chicago Lighthouse, Energy Foundry, Alliance to Save Energy, and the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. He sat on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee and founded the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Val is also a senior fellow with the ICF Climate Center. In this role, he provides compelling research and objective perspectives on a wide range of climate-related topics to help advance climate conversations and accelerate climate action.