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Umit Cali

Assistant Professor / Co-Founder, University of North Carolina at Charlotte / EnergyXchain LLC

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Dr. Umit Cali is a seasoned technology researcher conducting academic-based research activities in energy analytics, blockchain and economics in UNC Charlotte. Dr. Cali has 19 years international experience in the fields of energy systems, data science, blockchain technologies, ICT, energy markets and economics. He has worked for IBM International (Istanbul/Turkey) as a network engineer and project manager, a senior researcher in energy informatics and economics (Fraunhofer Institute – Germany), an Energy Consultant (Lahmeyer International- Germany), a Manager in wind energy project development and energy markets/energy economics (EnBW –Utility in Germany), Chief Technology Officer for an international service provider in energy efficiency (KREEN Renewables GmbH- Germany/Switzerland) and assistant professor in three universities (Gediz University- Turkey, the University of Wisconsin at Platteville and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte). Dr. Cali is also co-founder of US (NSF SBIR funded) and Europe based technology startup companies which are active in advanced energy informatics and blockchain. He is serving as Vice Chair of IEEE Blockchain in Energy Standards WG (P2418.5).