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Member since: 2022

An internationally recognized sustainability champion, public speaker, and innovator.

Entrepreneur-minded executive with over 15 years of proven results, as well as multiple award-winning global disruptive innovations.

From start-up to Fortune 100 organizations, my career has afforded me responsibilities for P&L(s) and operations in excess of $75 million and have served in multiple executive roles in companies whose EBITDA was in a range of $5 million to over $1.4 billion.

Passionate supporter of all plant-based or alternative sourced solutions that no longer deplete our limited resources - I believe progress is possible, in harmony with nature.

Driven to do good by leveraging a career in disruption to support the framework required for the largest infrastructure humankind has yet to build.

Determined, persuasive, and articulate - able to achieve results others believed to be impossible.