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Steve (aka the Smart Grid Man) is a widely known and highly respected thought and practice leader in the electric energy and telecom industries. He consults, speaks, writes, and teaches on issues, technologies, and applications related to the development of a modern, intelligent electric power grid. As Senior Director at John Staurulakis, Inc. he consults, speaks, and writes on the revolutionary changes in the electric utility industry and the implications for electric distribution cooperatives. More specifically, he focuses on the accelerating proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER) and the advanced telecommunications and information technologies that will be required not just to accommodate them but to leverage them for a more resilient, sustainable electric grid. 

JSI helps rural telcos and rural electric cooperatives investigate, evaluate, finance, plan, deploy and operate fiber to the home/meter/premises for true broadband Internet access and smart grid operations. JSI also assists telecommunications companies with finance, accounting, engineering, and regulatory affairs.

Beginning at Houston Lighting & Power in the early 1970s, Steve has worked as an expert consultant, executive, and board member for energy, telecommunications, and technology companies in the US and abroad. He was involved in the early development and deployment of solar PV energy at Sandia National Labs. As a consultant he has helped arrange power supply for critical USDOD facilities and USDOE laboratories. He opened and managed a state capitol office for Cap Rock Electric Cooperative as SVP Energy Supply and Government Affairs. He managed development and deployment of the LINK, one of the first multifunction smart meters in the industry at Util-LINK, LLC.

Steve obtained a BS degree in electrical engineering in the cooperative education and honors programs at the University of Houston. He obtained a MS degree in electrical engineering as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in engineering at the Purdue University Electric Power Center. He is an IEEE Smart Grid Expert and a member and past chair of several IEEE PES and IAS Committees including the Rural Electric Power Committee. He has been a keynote speaker on electric utility technologies and applications at many energy and technology conferences including the Consumer Electronics Show, South by Southwest Interactive, NRECA Annual Meetings, Tech Advantage and NET Conferences as well as APPA annual meetings, and NEMA annual meetings. Steve has authored scores of prize winning papers as well as articles for magazines and journals that have been cited many times in business and technology publications.

Steve was born at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and resides in Austin, Texas. He is married to Allison Leigh Conley Collier, also an electric cooperative expert, and is the father of six daughters and a son.