Member since: 2000

Steve Widergren contributes to new solutions for reliable operation of electric power systems. Common throughout his career is the application of information technology to power engineering problems including, simulation, control, and system integration. He is a principal engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he directs electric power projects and supports the U.S. Department of Energy. He is a past member of the board and Plenary Chair for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (now SEPA) and was also the founding administrator for the GridWise® Architecture Council – both groups formed with the mission to enable interoperability of automated systems related to the electric system. Prior to joining the Laboratory, Mr. Widergren worked in industry for an electricity control center supplier, and electric utility service providers. In these positions, he engineered and managed energy management systems products for electric power operations and supported power system computer applications, including information modeling, SCADA systems, and power system reliability assessment tools. He received his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and is actively involved in the IEEE Power & Energy Society, was Edit-in-Chief of Power & Energy Magazine, and participates in standards efforts that bridge power engineering with information technology.