Member since: 2019

High Voltage Transmission Line Engineer

I am a licensed electrical engineer with 14+ years of design, engineering, and engineering/quality management experience in the fields of overhead and underground transmission lines. My transmission line project experience includes physical and electrical design of overhead transmission lines from 34.5 kV through 500 kV, as well as limited physical and electrical design of single circuit 115 kV and 230 kV underground HPGF pipe type and XLPE duct bank transmission lines. I have experience with services only and EPC projects, and all stages of transmission line projects including; initial feasibility studies, project scoping and estimating, permitting (Muni, NEPA, EFSC, CEQA), engineering, materials and construction specification writing, procurement (bid evaluation, factory witness, testing), and construction and as-built support. I am also considered an expert in PLS-CADD software for overhead transmission line design. I focus on client satisfaction, value, quality, and efficiency. Through my career I have worked on many different types of transmission line projects and for many different clients. I have been instrumental in developing new processes to increase efficiency and transfer knowledge between professionals. I have developed client relationships, and have a thorough understanding of the planning, budgeting, proposal, and industry processes and trends.

I am leading up the Transmission Line Engineering group at RRC. At RRC we are focused on client satisfaction and quality. We can support almost all aspects of transmission line design including the upfront survey and geotech for new transmission or distribution projects. With our team's expertise we can execute successfully at all levels of a project including feasibility, permitting, design, procurement, construction, and as-builts. We have extensive experience with EPC, services, and owner's engineer support.