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Mr. Stephen M. Eber has more than 40 years of technical and business experience experienced in all aspects of power and energy system engineering, and energy project development. His career is focused on conventional energy supply systems, renewable energy including renewable pipeline gas, solar PV, and CHP project development and implementation. Currently active in power plant development and design, demand management, energy storage, renewable /sustainable energy, and grid resiliency. He has worked for American Electric Power Service Corp., Ebasco Services, Brooklyn Union Gas (succeeded by KeySpan and then National Grid), First Solar, and Genesys Engineering. Steve has participated in conventional energy, renewable energy and cogeneration projects of all types and size ranges, including gas turbine, reciprocating engine, boiler / steam turbine, fuel cells. His work includes extensive practical on- site experience necessary to implement a project in utility and industrial settings. In addition to the practical details of project engineering and design, Steve is intimately familiar with business case development and all the succeeding stages of project implementation.