Principal Civil-Structural Engineer, MESA Associates

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Member since: 2003

Dr. Sriram Kalaga is currently a Principal Consulting Civil-Structural Engineer based in Washington DC and specializes in analysis and design of transmission line structures and foundations. He holds bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering and Mechanics. His research background includes finite element methods, stability, nonlinearities, bolted connections, end restraints in columns, laterally-loaded piles, low-cost composites and reliability-based designs. He has published more than 50 research papers in various peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He has co-authored the first textbook on transmission structures and foundations published in USA and Europe. In addition to being a Fellow of ASCE, he is also a member of AISC and ACI. He also served on the ASCE Blue Ribbon Panel on composite transmission structures. He is a licensed professional engineer in 10 States.