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Sid Abma

CEO, Sidel Systems USA Inc & Sidel Global Environmental LLC

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Sidel is all about Energy.

Sidel Systems focuses toward using natural gas efficiently. The Sidel SRU series of Flue Gas Condensers are designed to capture/recover the heat energy out of the combusted exhaust, making this heat energy available to be utilized. For every 1 million Btu's of heat energy recovered and utilized 117 lbs of CO2 does not get put into the atmosphere. In every 1 million Btu's of combusted natural gas are 5 gallons of recoverable-distilled water.

Sidel Global focuses toward the use of coal. The Sidel Carbon Capture Utilization Systems transforms the CO2 in the combusted coal exhaust into good paying full time jobs and money. The Sidel Rotary Particulate Collector removes the ash and particulate out of the combusted coal exhaust at a fraction of the cost of an ESP or Bag System. The Sidel Soot BOT will clean the tubes inside the coal boilers, replacing the cost and maintenance caused by using soot blowers.