Member since: 2018

"Modern Power Systems And Big Data : Let the Grids Learn for Themselves"

“I lead a new team focused on Emerging Technologies such as Battery Energy Storage, Distributed Energy Resources, System Optimization, Edge-of-Grid Solutions, and Self-Healing networks. This new team is part of the System Planning and Grid Analytics division within Pike Engineering.

A creative and results oriented professional primarily focused on the latest trends and technologies in the Electrical Energy Delivery business with 30+ years of experience with electric utility, engineering, and consulting companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Smart Grid Consultant / SME, Electric Utilities, Business Systems Data Analyst, Big Data,
Distribution Automation, AMI, Demand Response (Utility & Customer Side), Standards & Protocols,
DG Interconnection.

Global Experience : Electric Utilities, Distribution & Transmission over 30+ years. Management & Operations, design, engineering, system analysis and studies.

Interested and seeking for the tremendous opportunities world is offering in the field of Energy applying skills and accomplishments achieved in Power Sector globally.

Specialties: Smart Grid - Distribution Automation, Demand Response, AMI, DMS, Business Systems Analysis, Big Data, Communications, Network & Protocols, Situational Intelligence,DG Interconnection & Standards.
Power Distribution in India and USA.
Power Industry and Carbon Emissions.