Member since: 2023

Mr. Mohammad is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the Utility sector, holding various management roles. He possesses a background in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, and throughout his career, he has been actively involved in projects focused on energy efficiency and utility resilience. In his current position at EUMC International Corporation, Canada, Mr. Muhammad continues to support and advise various entities, focusing on optimizing generation mix and enhancing utility resilience. His expertise as an Energy Loss Reduction Expert at Guyana Power and Light Limited highlights his dedication to meeting regulatory standards and reducing commercial losses through energy efficiency and utility resilience measures. One notable project where Mr. Muhammad excelled was as the Managing Director of Nigeria Transmission Service Provider. He oversaw a capital expansion program worth US$ 7.72 million, effectively reducing transmission losses and improving reliability indices to ensure regulatory compliance, emphasizing the importance of energy efficiency and utility resilience. In his previous roles, such as the Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Electricity Corporation and the General Manager of Operations for Kenya Power & Lighting Co, Mr. Shahid demonstrated his expertise in enhancing utility performance. He expanded service areas, improved customer service, and managed large staff, underscoring the significance of energy efficiency and utility resilience in delivering effective services. Mr. Muhammad's international experience with Manitoba Hydro International further solidified his commitment to energy efficiency and utility resilience. He actively participated in various conferences and seminars, sharing insights into strategies for achieving these objectives. Throughout his career, he has engaged with international development agencies and stakeholders to foster energy efficiency and utility resilience in the electricity industry. His exceptional leadership and achievements make him a driving force in promoting these critical aspects within the utility sector