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Sergio Feitoza Costa

Director - Eng, M.Sc, Cognitor Consultancy, R&D, Training

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Member since: 2020

Sergio Feitoza created COGNITOR Consultancy, R&D and Training in 1996. Applies trainings and consulting on design, specification and testing of equipment for substations (switchgear, cubicles, busducts, busbar systems, circuit breakers, disconnectors and others). Sergio is a designer of testing laboratories. He is an electrical engineer, M.Sc. in Power Systems and Director of Cognitor.

He has 40+ years of experience in testing laboratories (design, construction, operation as test engineer and general manager), design of substation equipment, testing and preparation of IEC standards participating actively in several IEC and CIGRÈ working groups.
His experience covers testing laboratories (high power, high voltage, temperature rise, EMC and Ex equipment). Sergio is, possibly nowadays the only active consultant who accumulates the experience of 25 years in real laboratories plus 20 years of use of simulations of these same tests and acts in the IEC writing the technical standards of these tests.

He chaired the IEC Technical Committee TC32 and co-authored standards such as IEC 60282-2 and IEC 62271-307 as well as the CIGRÈ brochures 602 and 740. He is the author of the software SwitchgearDesign (design of substation equipment and test simulations) and DECIDIX for the analysis of feasibility of energy projects (solar, wind, biomass, small to big hydro plants and nonrenewable). Training and consultancies is applied in all continents in English, Portuguese and Spanish. See the detailed curriculum at

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