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Sean Hagen

Director & Executive Vice President, The Institute of Global Energy Education

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Member since: 2020

I'm currently on the Board and executive team starting-up the Institute of Global Energy Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Institute's purpose is to fill existing knowledge gaps in how energy works and its impacts on people and the planet by integrating technical and non-technical aspects of the Business of Energy. We support making policies anchored in fundamental scientific & engineering principles, thus holistically optimizing energy use while meeting the challenges of Climate Change. We plan to achieve this through energy education, translating complex technical issues into comprehensible concepts, bridging the gap between energy fact and fiction.

I also lead Hagen Global Consulting, LLC, which aspires to be a leader in global energy technical & risk management consulting. We accelerate our client's ability to achieve their critical goals by providing independent technical management consulting services worldwide.