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Sayonsom Chanda, Ph.D. is a smart grid engineer and entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He is the founder & tech lead of Plexflo - a Utility-focused EV infrastructure planning company. Over 10+ years, Dr. Chanda has served in many roles in the energy industry - most recently as a senior researcher of energy systems integration at National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver, Colorado, USA. As a renowned expert in developing artificial intelligence technologies to combat climate change, he has been called to deliver lectures in conferences and panel sessions in conferences worldwide, including a TEDx talk in 2021.  

Dr. Chanda has 6 years’ experience in working with three major American electricity distribution companies and two US Department of Energy national laboratories. Dr. Chanda has filed for three patents in cloud-computing for the power grid. He has published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers in high impact power systems journals. His research interests are focused on improving power systems simulations methods, load forecasting, and clean energy technologies to increase energy security and resilience for every individual on earth. 

He received his master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Washington State University, USA. He is a Member of IEEE and has served as Vice-Chair of the IEEE Young Professionals society, and contributing member of IEEE USA Energy Policy Committee. 

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Chanda has been successful in bring two CleanTech startups to the market. He is also the co-author of a forthcoming title, ‘Resilience of Smart Grid’ by Wiley, UK.