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As a Thought Leader, Speaker & Entrepreneur, I work with individuals, companies and communities to help them fix the foundation and get the right product market fit. With my background in management studies, 25+ years of work experience in the middle east in trading, software and sustainability, I specialize in business development and sales. I help businesses in India wanting to get their product and services validated for export readiness. Drawing from experience of launching 8 companies, Leaders engage with me for out of the box insights to present problems and draw future roadmaps. I welcome you to #jointhedotswithsandhya - an Integrated Thinking Caps approach to receive personal and business clarity. Alongside being an expert in Energy Sustainability and Management, I am a licensed Energy Healer and go by the spiritual name Tara. Over 10 year’s rich experience helping over 400 individuals to enhance their spiritual quotient. I grow people, companies & networks!