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Mr. Saikat Das is currently pursuing masters in Economics and Policy of Energy & Climate Change at a University in Glasgow, Scotland (UK). He thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, striving for positive results by applying climate change emergency towards adaptation & mitigation analysis road map to the world’s NetZero target. Further, he possesses expertise in carbon emission control and acumen for maximizing performance with a low-carbon techno-economy and inspiring everyone for the same. Saikat is able to visualize success and identify unconventional yet highly effective strategies for achieving it with skill-full balanced organizational objectives and productive relationships through ESG reporting standards and recommending ways in which to achieve and maintain a competitive business edge through the TCFD framework. Saikat is also a mentor, and coach in the branding and transformation of companies. He is a guru in guiding startups and addressing their growth strategy and business. His role as a Sr. Consultant (Parent company Knowlexon Innovation & Technology Pvt. Ltd.) helps him create abundance in the light of entrepreneurial challenges faced by up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Saikat's role is diversified being a business consultant, mentor, and growth strategist. He extends branding and transformation program ideas to Startups. This involves market intervention and networking to understand the need of the hour. Saikat also has more than 6.5 years of experience in different leadership sectors. Also have experience in Project Planning/Scheduling, Budgeting, Resource Mobilization, Quality Management, Subcontracting, Contract Administration, Materials Management, Project Monitoring, Work Measurements, Construction Management, Client/ Contractors’ Billing, and Project Coordination. His online resume can be found here: ?Saikat's other profiles: ?Company website & pages/groups: