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Ronald Indeck, PhD Dr. Indeck is the CEO of Q-Net Security, an industry-leading company protecting critical national infrastructure and government systems from cyberattack. He is also a Director, Founder, and Technology Advisor to Exegy and VelociData, two successful startups commercializing hardware-accelerated computing products. For over 20 years he was engaged at Washington University in St. Louis as the Das Family Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Security Technologies. Prior to that he was a National Science Foundation Research Fellow at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. Indeck’s experience includes fundamental applied research and consultancies to industry and government agencies in financial market trading technologies, data mining in massive databases, magnetic measurements and modeling, physical and information security and authentication, recording physics, and magnetic devices. He has published more than 60 peer reviewed technical papers and been awarded more than 100 patents. Dr. Indeck has received many awards including the NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award from President Bush, the Missouri Bar Association Inventor of the Year, the IBM Faculty Development Award, and the IEEE Centennial Key to the Future Award. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, member of the American Physical Society, the FBI InfraGard, and many other professional organizations. He has served several companies in a variety of roles and is currently on the boards of several technology startups.