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Richard Goodwin, PhD, is an Environmental Engineering Consultant . Dr. Goodwin has more than 25 years of experience in the waste treatment, disposal, by-product utilization, conducting studies on conceptual engineering and system performance and operations, ash management, securing regulatory acceptance for construction and demolition recycling and disposal projects, investigating viability of Landfill Gas Energy Extraction from abandoned landfills, evaluation of landfill operations, and testimony for hazardous emissions for proposed landfills. He specializes in wastewater reuse and odor elimination. Expert on FGD BY-PRODUCT GYPSUM & FGD, SCR, ESP, CO2 capture technology pollution control coal-fired power plants. Dr. Goodwin has recently completed a conceptual study for Office of Secretary of Defense for Hazardous Waste Management in Iraq. He is working with electric utilities on permitting of new coal-fired power plants implementing Clean Coal Technology (consulted to USDOE in this area). Dr. Goodwin also consults to investment community including investment bankers, private equity and venture capital firms.