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Raymond Franssen

Business owner, Synergeo LLC

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Member since: 2021

Successful global explorer with numerous discoveries in a variety of basin settings. I gained an extensive technical, operational and business leadership track record through 30+ years of experience with a global operator. Strong leadership credentials, focusing on safe delivery of significant business value. I have a proven ability to work across cultural boundaries and embrace diversity.

I led the successful execution of numerous drilling opportunities of which many were ranked as challenging deep-water wells. Extensive appraisal experience along the complete exploration-production value chain. Developed a reputation of bringing discoveries on-line fast through early and seamless integration with development and operation functions.

My company Synergeo LLC is a small forward-looking energy business consultancy supporting that supports the oil and gas industry navigating the energy transition.

While we are moving to a sustainable decarbonized economy, we need to satisfy the energy needs of today and tomorrow. To flourish in this Energy Transition, we need to challenge current corporate strategy formulations in view of the evolving energy demands and constraints. Moreover, the portfolio of opportunities the industry pursues has to be resilient to the uncertainties in business environment the Energy Transition brings about.

To meet these challenges a deep technical understanding and a comprehensive assessment of commercial and business development aspects throughout the Upstream value chain is required and has to be placed in the context of the evolving energy landscape.