Member since: 2021

President of AR Challenges, Ltd. In Israel and AR Challenges (USA), Inc. In the USA. Founder and first President of the ILHSIA – Israeli Homeland Security Industries Association and Co Chairman of the Airport Security Task force at HSIA – Homeland Security Industries Association (USA). Born in Israel 1947. Served in the Israeli Defence Forces for 18 years as a senior ordnance officer. Was involved in the design and manufacture of the Merkava tank and other unique tools and equipment for the special operation forces. (Including the design and manufacture of special equipment for the Entebbe rescue mission). In 2010 switched his interests & expertise to finding new sources for energy supply by reducing the use of fossil fuels. He teamed with Prof. J.C. Balachandra and has been developing advanced W2E systems based on both Zero Waste and Circular Economy. The new approach to energy storage and utilization has gained increasing worldwide interest. B.Sc. ME from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and MBA from the University of Washington (Seattle). Extensive Defence, Homeland Security, Renewable Energy & business development, Technologies and training experience in the USA and Europe for over 40 years. Held various upper management positions in Israeli and other multi- national companies in the high-tech arena. Currently is the founder & owner of AR Challenges Ltd. With offices in the USA, Israel, UK and India.