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I am a Researcher-cum-Inventor.

In order to solve problems, to control/trim costs, to generate additional new revenue sources without investments, I am in the habit of making research work  to develop new products.

Energy field is one of my inventions and I briefly narrate as below:

Energy:  Inventions

Invented a few  technologies:

1. Water power Projects - to use Ocean water at mass level 

2. Artificial  Wind Energy  - with artificial wind creation

3.SWIS material method  - A few cheap material are used to generate electricity


For all the above 3 new technologies, separate machines are invented

Water Lifting upward to mountainous height:

Invented nearly half-a-dozen methods to lift water upward to unlimited height up-to 1500 feet.  No electric Motor will be used to lift water upward to any height. A few mechanical functions are attached, which are highly cost saving. For example, if you need to spend Rs.10,000 to reach water up-to 1000-1500 feet height by using electric motors, per hour, kindly note, as per my new technologies.  the cost shall be at INR Rs.1000 only.  No high powered motors are needed.  

Water back to Reservoir:

The main purpose of these inventions are that , after power generation, the Reservoir water can be easily dispatched back to the Reservoir instantly to any height, which is unlimited.  This is a major achievement for the Hydro Power segment to re-use the Reservoir water many times for power generation and increased the Plant capacity and production volume.

Idle Water: 

As per the Water lifting upward methods, the idle water in Ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds, back water blocks, paddy fields, and other water stagnated areas, can be taken upward to  generate Power.

Artificial water falls and water flows

Since  it is possible to lift water upward very easily, the standstill water ( I mean water without flow), can be taken to heights instantly.  This water can be used for power generation.  The artificial water falls, and water flows will be helpful to generate power unlimited.


My above three inventions will be helpful to generate  millions of units of power in every hour very easily.  Since no chemicals are used and released clean energy, these methods can be treated as best answers to Carbon emission Power Plants.  Soon the world can think for introducing these inventions.

Cost factors:

1. Operational cost : will be negligible ( in INR  nearly 10 paisa per one unit power generation)

2. Machinery cost: Expect maximum at Rs.3.50 cr per MW as against to the existing rate of Rs.7.50 crs (Government rate) per MW.


As per these invention methods, there is a scope to install IPGU in houses,  shops, factories, high rise buildings, apartments, hotels, hospitals, malls, schools, colleges, cinema theatres, restaurants, and also in forests, hills, mountains.  The existing rivers can be used for power generation by installing IPGU units for saving space.  All these places, people can have their own power production.

Cost savings:

No need of Electric poles, cables, transformers,  sub stations, power houses, etc in future.  No need of costly Hydro Power Plants and need not depend on solar and winds.

Abundant Power Production

24 hours Power can be produced with unlimited volume as per one's choice.

Looking for support.

I am looking for companies, Governments, and Scientific Research Organizations from all over the world so that I can write to them about my new inventions.

Research work

Independently, without any help from the Government or any other organizations, I took up my research 20 years back to invent all these three technologies.  I plan to wind up my Research and to release these machineries to the world so that the entire world can benefit well.  

Eliminate money waste.

Billions of USD can be saved in each country every year once my inventions are implemented as they are simple and without tough and complicated practices. 

More details will be sent , please write to

kind regards   ashokan  Kochi - kerala  india    ph 9074575071