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Prashant Pandey

Solution Consultant, Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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Member since: 2021

• Working as Solution Engineer at Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd for EnergyIP product implementation and SOA Integration profile. • About 11 Years of total IT experience, including 6 years working on EnergyIP implementation configuration, deployment and development. • Worked as Lead Engineer- Design & Development at Siemens Technology Services Pvt. Ltd Noida, India (formerly Emeter). Acting as scrum master and Dev Tech Lead for the Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS/DRMS) project team • Good understanding of EnergyIP and DEMS VPP use cases • Hands on in configuring and deploying EnergyIP and DEMS products • Experience in designing and developing high traffic, highly available, robust applications • experience in application architecture, design, development and performance management • Hands on experience in J2ee Application Performance Monitoring tools Dynatrace, JVVM, JProfiler • Worked extensively on large scale application performance improvement and JVM tuning. • Conceptually Strong in SDLC, OOPs, Data Structure & Algorithms, RDBMS, Multithreading, NoSql • Have experience of working in Web Services AXIS CXF, SOAP UI, Java Script, JSF, Spring MVC, Perforce, JIRA, Linux, Putty, Win scp, Ant, JPA, MongoDB and Hibernate environment • Good Working knowledge of Web Services, JMS • Have fair idea about XML, BIRT Report, Ehcache, Hadoop, map reduce • Familiarity with Weblogic, Tomcat , Eclipse, NetBeans ACHIEVEMENTS/CERTIFICATIONS: • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) • ITIL • Worked extensively on Application performance improvement • Completed SCJP 1.5 Java certification • Completed Oracle 9i SQL certification • Completed Business Analyst Certification at Bank of America • Completed MongoDB for Java Developer M101J course from MongoDB • Completed MongoDB for DBAs M102 course from MongoDB • PMP 3 day official study facilitation work shop at Bank of America