Member since: 2021

My name is Nyree and i previously for 8 years at Edinburgh Airport as an Aerodrome Safeguarding 
& Incident Manager. This involved working closely with energy companies and developers to enable their renewable projects to gain planning consent near an airport. I was involved in implementing the Terma radar at Edinburgh Airport with ANS and NATS. I have worked with large companies, such as EDF.

I have now set up my own company to help developers within the renewables sector to obtain planning permission from an airport. There are a number of planning restrictions that can be applied to developments within 15km of an airport. These restrictions include:

  • Solar panels/farms are a visual distraction to pilots landing or taking off.
  • Wind turbines can cause clutter on an Air Traffic Control's radar screen, as the system confuses the rotating turbine as an aircraft.

Millar-Bell Aviation Consultancy uses an AIA (Airport Impact Assessment) to assess proposed developments to ensure it is within the legislative parameters applied by the airport.