Member since: 2023

As someone who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments, I've spent my career driving revenue, profit, and growth objectives in start-ups, turnarounds, and rapid-change scenarios. My expertise in highly engineered systems means I understand the critical business drivers across multiple markets and industries, building relationships with decision makers and delivering on customer commitments.

I'm focused on customer success and passionate about leading and motivating worldwide teams to exceed expectations. My background includes extensive experience in operations management, acquisitions and integrations, strategic planning, staff development, performance standards, and customer satisfaction.

I graduated with honors from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with a Production Engineer degree. Since then, I've been on a mission to drive innovation and cultivate the talents of high-performance global teams while promoting environmentally friendly programs and emerging market development.

As the Founder and Chief Scientific & Technology Officer of UnifAI Technology, I'm charged with driving ideation and leading delivery for the creation of high-quality, scalable innovative products, services, and solutions that are accessible to customers and partners alike. I'm proud to have conceptualized and developed next-generation AI solutions around analytics and automation, and I've mentored a team of data scientists and modelers to make AI available to everyone without the need for a data scientist.

Prior to UnifAI Technology, I was the Executive Vice President for R&D and Innovation at an award-winning smart technology company, where I developed the Integrated Solution for Sustainable Waste Management, a system that turns trash into high-value resources while saving carbon and educating communities. My work has also included a Sustainable Energy Program and an Integrated Water Strategy, which promotes water independence and optimizes treatment through sustainable alternatives.

I thrive on collaboration and enjoy working with diverse, multi-cultural teams to creatively explore all facets of a problem. I make decisions with speed and agility, executing pragmatically, and I'm always willing to take on big challenges. I'm open, respectful, self-critical, questioning, committed to personal excellence, and accountable for results and quality returns to stakeholders.