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I am on a quest to bring more Energy Managers into industry. Energy Efficiency is behind on Renewable Energy and that is because it is less exciting (is it?) and labour intensive (each situation is different). And still, it is as clean as the renewables. Nothing against renewable sources, but we need both to get things in order. Bread is not better than water, you just need both.

Also the International Energy Agency ( sees it in this way. Energy Efficiency is a completely clean "source" and its growth is going down from 3% in 2014 to 1.7% in 2018.

Schneider Electric talks about the Energy Dilemma (in 2050: 2x energy demand & 0.5 x CO2 emissions) and how Energy Efficiency is an essential part of the solution.

Therefore I created the Linked In Group “There are too few Energy Managers”, blogging about the weird situation that Energy Management is often given into the hands of unprepared technical staff, at least unprepared for this multidisciplinary task. Read the first post about my experience back in 1991, in Italy!

More of my quest is visible in the Link Tree at

I hope to learn from EnergyCentral how opinions are in the big companies and am looking forward to a lively exchange of views.


Birdseye Energy Consulting was founded by an energy engineer with 30 years of international experience.

During work for large industries, he noted that even those don’t know where and when the energy is flowing after entering through the main meter. It is like book keeping with revenue as the only parameter.

Therefore, he developed a technology (patent pending), which brings the power of an Energy Management System (EMS) right into the diagnostics phase of an energy audit. It is like an electrocardiograph, which allows to discover much, easily and in a short time about underlying problems. The benefit of this method is that the hurdles to access the diagnostic power of EMS (that is Industry 4.0 !) are decreased for the many large energy consumers, which would like, or are forced to start serious Energy Management.

We focus on helping you, by making it simple and affordable to find that energy saving potential, which can be realised with low investments costs.

How do we do that?

By bringing advanced cloud based Energy Management Systems (EMS), usually applied only for complex and permanent monitoring in a facility, into a mobile set with several measuring points, which doesn’t need cabling or configuration. It can be rented and applied on a limited number of large plants or departments during the very first energy audit to your premises. Usually, one week of measurement is sufficient to capture the typical consumption cycle.

This means that you don’t buy, cable and configure a submeter network but just hire our mobile radio multipoint EMS interface for a short diagnosis period. Afterwards we will help you to understand the data and to find saving measures, starting with those that need low investments. 

Please find more on the Youtube video (10 min.) "Strong diagnostics during the energy audit":

Career summary

Long career as employee (Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland), with large organisations (European Commission, UN) and as an energy entrepreneur. Total 26 years in energy.

Five years at Siemens Building Technologies (Swiss branch) as Energy Engineer and specialist in monitoring and interpreting energy data.

Energy expert for several national and international energy projects, among which Unido (Rome), European Commission (EC), UNDP (Mauritius).

Institutional Building projects, like green certificate system establishment for the Russian Government (Rustrec, FP6, EC, 2005), and Energy Regulatory Authority in Bulgaria (Phare, EC, 1999).

Knowledge of 10 languages, very good are: Dutch, English, Italian, German, Russian. In addition: studying Chinese (passed in 2015 HSK 4, 1200 words).