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Nissaf Sleymi

Facilitator, NGO

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A young professional who is always eager to grow and becoming a better version of herself. From project Management of construction main field. Nissaf has walked a long journey to stand where her is at the moment; During her studies, she started research and exploring manu interests, which planted so many interpersonal and cultural knowledge skills in her. After her graduation, and working for few years, Nissaf started discovering different paths discovering, her passion and the purpose of her life, day after day, she improve herself, practice and learn, she had the decision to be an future initiator, a change maker, an entrepreneur to create and make the difference.

Experienced online Training in entrepreneurship and sustainable construction, with a background in project management, infrastructure management accelerated training, she is lifelong learner, giver, and process-oriented person, she Delivered many content about her field of expertise and she continue to deliver, to share knowledge, training, information, tips, advices, and network and exchange experience from successful people. Online starter Instructor with 1 years of experience,  Passionate about developing training and coaching and the development of a green world.