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Hire me! When your business needs an expert freelance writer, content strategist, editor and copywriter. 
Nicholas is a freelance energy journalist for hire, but also covers engineering, transport, logistics and technology issues. 
My work has regularly appeared in leading energy, engineering, transports and technology business publications such as Afrelec, Afroil, Energy Focus, Energy World, Eniday, Engineering and Technology, International Railway Journal, Marine Engineering and Offshore Technology, Petroleum Review, Power Generation Technology, Rigzone, Telegraph, etc. 
Nicholas is contributing Europe and Asia editor for Pipeline & Gas Journal, plus editor of the following magazines:
1. Marine Engineering & Offshore Technology
2. Power Generation Technology
In addition, writes for the blogs Rigzone and Knect365 Energy.
Nicholas is well versed in researching, analysing, sourcing, project management, proposal pitching, writing features, blogs, white papers, technical writing, industry reports and news stories for a broad range of international, national, local and online business press and business clients. 
For more information about Nicholas Newman and work, connect with his website at