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Monty Goodell, MBA

Executive Director, Renewable Energy Institute

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Member since: 2019

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Renewable Energy Institute
Jan 2005 – Present
Austin, Texas

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is a non-profit company that is "changing the way the world makes and uses energy."​

Leader of the "Net Zero Energy" & "Net Positive Energy" Revolution

Creator of the "American Energy Plan"

The REI provides information, resources, consulting services, education & supports new renewable energy companies/technologies. The REI is a leading advocate for "Net Zero Energy" (NZE) & "Net Positive Energy" (NPE) systems for new construction, NZE & NPE retrofits for existing buildings, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency Measure updates, Energy Storage and Microgrids.

The REI advocates for

* Sustainable & renewable energy

* Energy independence

* Ending America's "addiction" and dependence on foreign oil

* Replace foreign oil with America's renewable energy, Net Zero Energy (new construction and retrofits) and America's natural gas as a "bridge" while we transition to a renewable energy economy.

"Thanks Central Power Plants, Electric Utilities and Electric Grid, we'll take it from here!"