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I’m publisher of The Energy Mix, an e-digest and online archive on energy, climate, and the shift to a post-carbon economy. Also president of Smarter Shift, an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in content development and curation, social media strategy, and climate and energy communications and analysis.

I began my career in 1977 as a journalist, have been consulting since 1984, and began shifting full circle back into news and publishing when we launched The Mix in May 2014.

From 1977 through 1981, I worked at Renewable Energy News, an Ottawa-based monthly with global reach, learning the technology, policy, and economics of two or three dozen clean energy options. I've been focused on climate change since 1997, and have attended three United Nations climate change conferences (COPs 21-23, 2015-2017) as an accredited observer. Much of my work revolves around the subject areas that have become coverage priorities for The Energy Mix:

• The urgent need for rapid decarbonization in response to the climate emergency
• The accelerating pace of the shift to a decarbonized energy system
• The startling pace at which the fossil industries are declining
• The need to connect with communities outside the climate change "bubble" to both learn and help them understand how action on climate change helps them meet their own immediate needs and priorities, as well.

In October 2019, I gave a TEDx Ottawa talk on how to change the conversation on climate solutions.