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Member since: 2008

Nearly 50 year veteran of the energy industry, including working for a nuclear shipbuilder, reactor manufacturer, utilities, engineering firms and plant start-up company. President of Hybrid Power Technologies L.L.C. 

Extensive engineering, technical and plant management, business, and operations experience involving all types of power plants, including:combined-cycle, coal, gas turbines, and water reactors.

Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Engineering. University of Virginia.

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Masters of Business Administration, St. Martins College.

Professional Engineer, State of Kansas

Senior Reactor Operator Site Certificate

U.S. Patents 7,961,835  8,537,961 and others pending.

Inventor of Hybrid-Nuclear technology that integrates the use of nuclear and fossil energy. Gas cooled reactor turbine used to drive the air compressor of a combustion turbine.