Member since: 2019

Michael Hartnack is a Senior Solution Director at E Source. He specializes in emerging technologies in DSM, DR, and DER integration, and works with utilities to help them identify and integrate innovative and impactful solutions. Prior to joining E Source, Michael was a Senior Research Analyst & Managing Consultant within Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure Practice (formerly Navigant). Michael led the firm's Neural Grid and Advanced Transmission & Distribution research services, specializing in emerging energy infrastructure technologies and innovations. Michael also launched and led Guidehouse’s UAS and drones solution and contributed across Guidehouse’s Digital Energy research platform. Michael’s work at Guidehouse included global market analysis and competitive assessments to evaluate new energy & utility technologies, company strategy, policy/regulatory changes, and forecast market growth to help industry players capitalize on these rapidly evolving technology markets.

Prior to joining Guidehouse Research, Michael worked on the Colorado electric and gas regulatory teams at Xcel Energy. His responsibilities included managing project proposals and dockets for grid modernization, renewables integration, advanced metering infrastructure, and cost recovery strategy. He also contributed to initiatives to promote customer and stakeholder engagement, and supported rate cases, renewable energy and grid infrastructure projects.. He holds an MS in global energy management from the University of Colorado Denver Business School and a BA from Union College in New York, where he wrote his senior thesis on energy policy and strategy.