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Having spent time working across residential lighting and appliance, commercial and industrial gas, and industrial electric programs, I find myself drawn universally to improving the customer experience through design, better data, better communication, and better reporting.

Retail products are nearest to my heart, having worked in the field, coordination, and management of lighting and appliance incentive programs for over seven years. As the number of retail channels customers can participate in grows (upstream, midstream, instant rebates, online marketplaces, and customer engagement platforms) the importance of the customer experience grows along with it.

With a background in design, I often dig-in with the marketing and design professionals as a customer advocate to talk both of their languages. With an analytical bent, I've developed enhanced forecasting models and utilize Power BI to provide internal and external clients action-oriented dashboards. Seeing data come to life in useful ways for people that have struggled to find key insights is a joy.