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Martin Gill

Consumers Federation of Australia Standards Representative, Voluntary

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Member since: 2020

Dr Martin Gill is an expert on the Australian Energy Market. As an independent consultant he is now specialising in the provision of advice and data analysis to assist consumers. He has provided advice to government regulators, distributors, retailers, consumers, asset operators and equipment vendors.

Dr Gill has a broad technical background both as an engineer and as an applied mathematician. He has used these skills to personally develop advanced communication modems, burglar alarms, electricity meters, high voltage fault monitors and power quality analysers.

Dr Gill is a metering expert. During the National Smart Metering Program he facilitated the development of a specification for Australian smart meters. Innovative metering products developed by his teams have been externally recognised with the Green Globe Award, NSW Government’s Premier’s Award and Best New Product by the Australian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association.