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As a nearly 20-year industry veteran, Maria DeChellis has focused her efforts in working with utilities to improve the customer experience through technology and building new revenue streams.  With over 50 engagements across the US and Canada, DeChellis has specialized in looking holistically at a utility or retailer’s customer base to improve community awareness, develop meaningful customer interaction, and creating business cases and budgets that help propel utilities to their future vision. 

DeChellis is PMP-Certified utility executive and IT strategic consultant specialized in utility operations and business growth.  Experience in AMR/AMI, Customer Information System, and ERP implementations. She is a frequently published writer and speaker on customer service experience, IT strategic planning, software design, and organizational change management for CS Week, American Water Works Association, and Western Energy Institute.

DeChellis is currently the secretary of the Customer Service Subcommittee of the American Water Works Association and volunteers at the Western Energy Institute and American Public Power Association.  She assists community organizations discussing utility affordability, a topic close to her heart following her role as Chief of Customer Support and Services for the Baltimore Department of Public Works.  Following the acquisition of Crimson Oak Consulting, where she was an equity partner, to Itineris where she directed North American product strategy she is currently the Vice President for Customer Engagement at Utilligent.