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Mahesh runs Terabase’s new Plant Operational Technology group, delivering SCADA, controls and related solutions for solar and hybrid fuel source systems. Prior to Terabase, Mahesh was a co-founder of REPlantSolutions, LLC. Previously, he was VP, Plant Technologies at First Solar where he led development of utility-scale solar controls, grid integration 1500V DC plant architecture for nearly a decade. The controls have since been successfully deployed at over 80 large utility–scale PV plants, representing over 10 GW of capacity. He previously worked at GE for over twenty years where he held various leadership positions at GE Energy and was the engineering leader for wind turbine and wind plant controls. He is an author of numerous papers and patents in renewable grid integration, PV and wind plants, wind turbine controls, monitoring, diagnostics, and services technologies. His academic credits include M.S. & Ph.D. in Engineering from Cornell University