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Louis M. Michaud has 44 years of experience in the process and power industry, He was a leading process control engineer for a major petrochemical company for the last 24 years of his career. The vortex engine is a private initiative. Louis received a B.Eng. (Elect.) from Nova Scotia Technical College. As the lead process control engineer in an ethylene plant he recently completed the implementation of a highly successful advanced multi variable model based controller responsible for controlling the seven main product concentrations while maximizing throughput subject to over 100 constraints. Louis Michaud has played leading technical roles in the implementation and upgrade of distributed control systems. He is interested in all aspects of process engineering and is known for coming up with operator friendly process displays and with innovative solutions to field instrumentation problems.

Louis became aware of the possibility of obtaining energy through atmospheric convection when he realized that more energy is produced by the expansion of a heated gas than is required to compress the same gas after it has been cooled and that this process must surely be responsible for the energy of tornadoes. Louis is interested in difficult to control processes and does not accept that natural processes such as tornadoes cannot be controlled. He had a two week course in meteorology as a naval officer; he self studied meteorology and published 9 peer reviewed articles in meteorology and energy journals. 

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