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Member since: 2018

Leia serves as the Manager for the eLab Ecosystem of activities. RMI's Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab), is a unique multi-year collaboration of leading industry actors working to develop, implement, and spread new solutions to enable greater adoption of economic distributed energy resources. She oversees the design and execution of core eLab programs and events, which include eLab Accelerator, eLab Ignite events, and the on-going collaboration between eLab Members. She leads RMI's research on the disruptive potential of distributed solar PV deployed in concert with distributed battery energy storage, manages the team that produced RMI’s report The Economics of Grid Defection: When and Where Distributed Solar Generation Plus Storage Competes With Traditional Utility Service, and the sequel report, The Economics of Load Defection.

Career Highlights:

  • Principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute
  • United States Naval Officer with leadership and management experience
  • Broad technical background in energy and sustainability
  • Board Member, Resource Central
  • STEM Outreach leader for the Society of Women Engineers
  • Truman National Security Project Defense Council (Class of 2015)