Member since: 2022

We are Power Careers, a nationally ranked recruitment firm operating in the top 1% of all executive search companies in the US. Collectively we have over 30,000 1st degree contacts on LinkedIn. I am a great person to network with even if you aren’t in the market to make a career change right away!

Our company has a national footprint across the US and works heavily in the electrical power, renewable energy, datacenter, NETA and non-NETA electrical service solutions providers, utilities, power systems, power distribution and transmission equipment/component manufacturers, engineering consulting firms, large and small OEM's in critical power, smart grids, technical engineering and electrical infrastructure construction industries.

We focus on recruiting for all levels-spanning from the heights of C-level and presidential positions, to sales professionals, to design/applications engineers, field techs, to HR/Accounting professionals. We know the power and energy markets inside and out, so recruiting at all levels is our expertise! We have helped 100's of companies grow their talent reserves and propel their financials forward. We have worked with clients from private equity backed ventures, to large multinational engineering and manufacturing conglomerates, to large scale electrical subcontractors, to national utilities and small smart grid tech companies looking to grow and alleviate their talent shortages. Our industry expertise and genuine approach to honest and practical recruitment processes ensures that our candidates and clients know they are in good hands.

We opened this company with a simple mission: To provide a comprehensive and guaranteed recruitment solution with the best value proposition in our industry. We vet and standby our candidates--and put our guarantees in writing. We are not a transactional recruitment firm, but rather a relationship based, trusted business partner that places a heavy emphasis on technical candidate vetting. With the talent war as competitive as ever, let us use our networks and database to leverage a competitive edge to achieve your recruitment goals.