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Kathleen Quinn Votaw is founder and CEO of TalenTrust. After over 18 years in the staffing industry, Kathleen realized that the traditional business model was broken, was outdated, and didn’t always act in the best interest of companies or job candidates. She founded TalenTrust in 2003 and resolved to completely disrupt the status quo and address the weaknesses of traditional staffing/recruiting. She envisioned much more than a typical search firm. Ten years later, TalenTrust has become a nationwide provider of strategic outsourced recruitment and retention and grown to a team of 20+ people with annual revenues growing aggressively each year.

Kathleen and her team have created a proven, defined process that drives the talent acquisition and human capital needs of businesses that are experiencing rapid growth. This enables clients to focus on their core competencies, mitigate risk, save time and money, reduce employee turnover, and hire individuals who match their long-term strategy and culture.

Kathleen believes in two key ideas that propel her business and differentiate it from others: 1 – The currency of business success is people; businesses need exceptional talent to help accelerate their growth and 2 – Recruitment is not an event – it’s a process; finding the best talent is an ongoing, strategic endeavor.

TalenTrust has become a valued strategic partner in helping companies discover, hire and keep top talent to drive continued growth.

Kathleen is a true champion of entrepreneurship. In addition to her specific entrepreneurial ventures in launching and growing TalenTrust, she is an active supporter of entrepreneurship and business growth in Colorado through her extensive leadership and involvement with Vistage, ACG Denver and Colorado Companies to Watch. She seeks meaningful ways to connect entrepreneurs with the people and ideas to grow their businesses.